What’s in a Word?

What’s in a word?
Compassion and love.
Truth from above.

What’s in a word?
Someone’s last inkling of hope.
An encouraging rescue rope.

What’s in a word?
Pain and discouragement
Sear scars and lack sentiment.

What’s in a word?
Declaration of right or wrong.
The beauty and joy in a love song.

What’s in a word?
Anger and resentment
Which festers into bitterness.

What’s in a word?
The power to heal,
And the power to kill.

Words are used to comfort the broken-hearted.
Words are the knives that inflict pain.

Words revive the hopeless.
Words suffocate the strongest.

What is in your words?
Words are the swords that either build up a person or tear them down.

WORDS can be rearranged to SWORD
So, choose your words lovingly and thoughtfully.

Photo Credit: Ricardo Cruz, Unsplash

-Misty Brooke

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